April 26, 2017 Henry Brown 0Comment

Wonder Park is an amusement park for the kids. There are slides, swings, a mini train, giant wheel, playground along with a miniature of monuments positioned here. For kids below 5 years of age the entry is free and for adults it is Rs35. Some rides have additional charges for which tickets are available inside the premises. The main attractions of this park are toy train along with the miniatures of the Seven Wonders of the World. The park is closed on Mondays and there is a food court inside the park as well. Situated in Nerul area of Navi Mumbai, it is a park which is suitable for all age groups of people. The park covers a large area and there is scope of developing it a lot. A good place for your evening walks as well.

It is a good park, and in some ways, it can be conferred that it is more than a park in a lot of ways. It is being maintained and managed in a nice way. On a personal level, when I decided to visit the park I was not sure on how the park would be, but one thing after being part of it I can say that it is nothing short than awesome. There is a park area for smaller kids coupled with the fact that it makes a good place for photography. It is a beautiful theme park and the kids should visit it any costs.

I visited this place in the month of February and I was here from afternoon 3 to 9 at night. The adults can sit in the garden and relax where the kids can take part in various slides along with swings. For the age group of 3 to 6 years, there are different types of slides and the kids play area is one of the best in the world. In some ways, it is conferred the tag of being the mini Essel World for the kids, though during the rainy season it is closed. In spite of the park having a food stall, the food is pretty expensive. Though you will not get much in terms of variety, but it is more than enough to gulp while spending your evenings in the garden listening to the soothing music. But the quality of the food is good which on all counts goes on to provide a true value of your money.

Wonder ParkNerul is well maintained, though the rides inside the park are all chargeable. This includes the toy train along with the crazy boat ride. There is ample number of sitting places and you should make it a point to visit this place with your kids. There are some issues which the management has to take note at the earliest as well. There is only one toy train which means that the waiting time is more than the travelling time to reach the park. It should have another train, so that both the trains can run at an equal interval of time. Another suggestion could be that the ticket rides should be at the counter itself and not at the far end of the ride which adds to the inconvenience part and contributes to the wastage of time in a big manner for sure.

Make it a point to visit at the earliest!