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Prague has become an increasingly popular tourist destination in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. From historical architecture to cheap beer, to super modern and luxurious hotels, Prague is an obvious destination who wants a good time filled with both culture and nightlife. Whether you have a few weeks or a weekend, the following attractions in Prague should absolutely not be missed by visitors.

Old Town Square

As with many old European cities, the Town Square is the epicentre of the historic building and architecture, and a hub of activity when it comes to bars, restaurants, and boutiques. The same is true for the Old Town Square in Prague, which absolutely must be visited by anyone who really wants to get a sense of the heart of the city. With outdoor seating at the restaurants, the statue in the middle of the cobbled square, towered over by the Gothic Cathedral make this a picture perfect spot to enjoy some people watching and café culture.

Prague Castle

The biggest ancient castle in the world, this is a sprawling menagerie of architectural styles that match the time periods during which parts of the castle have been added. While it may take a while to make your way through, some of the best parts of Prague are located within the walls here, including Basilicas, Cathedrals, Towers, Golden Lane and the Old Royal Palace. While it may take a few hours to meander through everything, it is absolutely worth seeing, and in the summer it’s hard to find a better spot than the Royal Garden.

Charles Bridge

‘The most iconic bridge in Europe’ says Pam, a restaurant critic, spending time in the city, and never missing an opportunity to pass the famous bridge and the multiple landmarks that align it. Over thirty statues stand to attention on the bridge, all of whom have played some part in the history of the country. The views from the bridge are breath taking cityscapes that encompass the river and the Gothic gates to the city, and many superstitions exist at different points, so you can try and gain some good luck as you cross.

St Vitus Cathedral

While this is within the parameters of Prague Castle, it is also considered a tourist attraction in it’s own right. This is partly down to it’s beauty, but also it’s cultural significance and sheer magnitude and opulence. This is the most important church in Czech Republic, and is the base for the Christian Arch Bishop. However, you do not need to be religious to appreciate this monument, which contains the tombs of saints and former Kings of Bohemia, plus being in any building that dates back almost a thousand years is wondrous. The opulent and bejewelled alter is jaw-dropping, as are the massive stained glass windows – plus climbing the tower provides great views of the city.

Astronomical Clock

‘Telling the time of both the present and the past’ says Rachel, a writer with UK Top Writings when looking on the famous ‘orloj’ located in the Old Town Square. This clock is over 600 years old, but has been faithfully maintained, making it one of the oldest working clocks in the world. This clock is a great example of the different ages and periods of history that have taken place while the city has stood – the beautiful engineering shows the times for Babylonian, Bohemian, or German time, as well as the current time. On the hour, the cock produces something of a fanfare, and you can also find details regarding the zodiac, the sun, and the moon in this ancient structure.

Municipal House

This building is widely considered one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau in the world, and the building really is stunning to look at. A guided tour will explain the paintings and provide details about the dome and balcony, though seeing a concert here is considered the best way to experience the building.

Lennon Wall

Ben, a student visiting the city describes this as ‘unexpected and completely different to everything else’. This wall of graffiti has been present since John Lennon’s death, and is considered a symbol of hope and peace. Different to the baroque and gothic architecture that surrounds it, this is a splash of colour to remind you of the real people who inhabit the city.

There are no doubt hundreds of other spots worth visiting in this gorgeous city, however those listed above should definitely not be missed.